About Us

What is the Crow Wing County Passenger Safety Coalition?
In 2003 a group of law enforcement professionals, emergency responders, engineering staff and concerned citizens started meeting to respond to the needless traffic related deaths and injuries due to unrestrained vehicle occupants, misuse of safety seats, impaired and distracted driving.

With assistance from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, the coalition works towards educating the public and raising awareness working towards our goal of making the roadways safer for all people residing or traveling in the Crow Wing County area.

Why is the Coalition needed?

In 2010 there were 410 fatal crashes in Minnesota, the lowest number of deaths since 1944. Of those 410 fatalities, 8 occurred in Crow Wing County area. By coordinating traffic safety initiatives , the coalition works toward accomplishing their mission of safe roadways for all.

How can you help the Coalition?

By putting down the distractions (cell phone, food , makeup), being a defensive driver (staying alert for distractions), always wearing your seat belt and working with the coalition to ensure our roadways are safe for you, your family, and fellow community members.